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Matters needing attention in the operation of high-power laser knife mold machine

1. Operators are strictly prohibited from leaving their posts while the equipment is running, so as to avoid fire.
two。. When the equipment is running for a long time, the operator should often check whether the water pipe in the laser is leaking and condensation, and whether the oil level of vacuum pump and Roots pump is normal.
3. The air compression and oil-water filter must be turned on before operating the equipment, so as to avoid the pollution of the gathering mirror and the decline of the quality of laser cutting.
4. The air compressor needs to be drained every day. 
5. Check whether the cold water machine is up to the standard every day, and deal with it immediately if there is any problem.
6. Before operating the equipment, check whether the drawing has a good bridge position, whether the outer frame has a good bridge position, and that the starting path of the puzzle should be accurate.So as not to damage the laser head and affect the normal production.
7. The screw guide of the machine tool and the screw guide on the cutting head are refueled at least once a month.
8. Clean the water cooler filter at least once a month.
9. The equipment should be cleaned once before leaving work, cleaning the machine tool and console.
10. The laser should be placed in the air-conditioned room, the air conditioner should be turned on when the equipment is running, and the laser room should be kept clean. Otherwise, the quality of the laser will be affected and the service time will be affected.


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