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Anti-freezing reminder of laser knife mold machine in winter

Dear TSD laser users: 

Another year of winter is coming, the temperature gradually decreases, the low temperature will cause the laser tube to freeze and expand and break, and the laser tube freeze crack is not within the scope of warranty, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, the user friends who will drop the temperature below zero in the workshop must do a good job in the anti-freezing measures of laser equipment. 

Anti-freezing measures: 

Method 1. Do not turn off the water cooler. 
The workshop ensures that under the condition of no power outage, do not turn off the water cooler and let the water cooler work 24 hours a day, so that the cooling water is always in a circulating state, so that the cooling water will not freeze and damage the machine. 

Method 2. Drain the cooling water after shutting down the machine. 
Drain the cooling water in the laser tube and water cooler in time after the machine is in use and clean it up. 

Method 3. Add antifreeze. 
Antifreeze can be added to the cooling water, antifreeze can choose a large brand of automobile engine antifreeze, according to the local temperature, with reference to instructions and pure water dilution, antifreeze can not be used instead of pure water for a long time throughout the year, it must be replaced in time after the winter has passed. 
The addition of antifreeze to the cooling water will affect the laser power to a certain extent. 

If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales service staff by telephone. 

Shun wish Shangqi!


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