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What is the difference between laser knife mode and etching knife mode?

There are several important factors in the die-cutting process: die-cutting material, die-cutting equipment, tool die and die-cutting process. These factors play an important role in the yield of the final product.They are like the four feet of a table. Any foot that goes wrong will make the table askew.

Among them, the knife die is a very important factor in the die-cutting industry. Today let's compare the difference between laser knife mode and etching knife mode!

Laser knife mode:

Laser knife die is a kind of die-cutting tool die, which processes the blade into various needed shapes with special equipment, and then puts it into the gap of wood or PVC plastic board cut by laser. It is mainly used in die-cutting industries such as printing, packaging and electronic materials. Compared with the traditional manual processing technology, the laser knife mold has the following advantages:

(1) High efficiency: after the laser knife mold is cut by a laser machine, the drawing work becomes simple, and the professional software can be directly used to design on the computer without any description; it well solves the problem of inefficiency of traditional manual drawing on the drawing board with a pen.

(2) High precision: the laser knife die uses numerical control to run automatically in the cutting process, the gap cut is uniform, and the dimensional precision is high, which can reach ±0.1, which further meets the die-cutting needs of all kinds of electronic materials. it brings revolutionary changes to the die-cutting problem of electronic materials, and well solves the large error caused by the traditional manual production through the sawing process. It can only meet the die-cutting needs of printing and packaging, and the application range of the tool die is improved.

Etching tool die:

The etching die is made by using film and steel plate to be exposed, then developing and strengthening, etching the excess part with an etching machine, and finally using an engraving and milling machine to process the blade and do surface treatment; the material used in the etching mold is high-carbon steel plate imported from Japan.

Etching die is a kind of knife mold developed after laser knife mode, which has high precision, high difficulty, seamless knife edge, smooth cutting line and high repeatability. It is mainly used in soft circuit board PFC, electronic film, polarizer, backlight film, light transmission film, refraction film, self-adhesive, PET ….

The etching tool mold has the following advantages:

(1) the tool seam of the etching tool die has no interface, there is no interface problem, and the cut section of the product is smooth; there is no contact at the corner, and there will be no burr at the corner of the product.

(2) the blade has the advantages of good flatness, fast replacement, convenient mold adjustment, and saving material and time consumed in testing.

(3) the dimension accuracy of the etching tool die is high, and the tolerance can reach ±0.03; the minimum size of the double tool position can reach 0.5mm; several of the same products on the same die are nearly the same size; the same die is made repeatedly, and the error is very small.

(4) the height and angle of the blade are diversified, the maximum blade can be 2.5mm according to customer requirements, and the angle can be made into different angles of 30-60 degrees according to different cutting materials.

(5) in the face of complex workpieces, the combination of high and low knives can be easily made on the same die, and complete breaking, half breaking, tooth cutter, broken line and so on can be formed at one time.


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