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Manual equipment commonly used in making laser knife mould

1、Manual die machine

1.Standard 36 moulds, which can meet the machining needs of all kinds of tool moulds.

2. The bending die processed by vacuum heat treatment of high quality die steel has good toughness and good wear resistance, the small die is not easy to break or deform, the working face of the die is precisely ground and the service life is long.
3. The precision grinding of the bending forming machining plane can effectively prevent the blade from scratching when the blade is bent downward.
4. The double positioning device is easy to operate.

5. The specially designed force-adding structure of the bender machine makes it more labor-saving when machining.

The following moulds can be selected according to the demand (can be purchased individually):

2、Single Cutting Machine

1.Can be cut flat and can be cut into the olecranon.According to the shearing tools specially machined by different die-cutting blades, the blade olecranon is sharp and straight, and the effect of tool connection is excellent.
2. The cutting tool is made of high-quality alloy steel after heat treatment, with hardness above 63HRC and good wear resistance.

3. The positioning shift block is made of high wear-resistant die steel after heat treatment and chromium plating, which is extremely wear-resistant and will not cause poor cutting problems caused by easy wear of the positioning block.

3、Manual die machine

1. The fuselage is compact and can hit the bridge position after bending the blade, so it is very convenient to operate.
2. The bridge position stamping die is made of high toughness wear-resistant die steel through vacuum heat treatment and has a long service life.
3. The fuselage is made of high-quality cast iron with good wear resistance and good earthquake resistance. The design is reasonable and the operation is light.
4. The standard width of the bridge module is 6mm, and the height can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0 and 19.5mm through the block, and the width of the bridge module can also be matched with 3mm or 5mm. Other sizes can be customized.
5. It is suitable for machining cutter lines with thickness below 3P (1.07mm).

4、Double lipping Cutting Machine

1. Double-sided olecranon can be machined at one time.
2. According to the shearing tools specially processed by different die-cutting blades, the blade olecranon is sharp and straight, and the effect of knife connection is excellent.
3. The shearing tool is made of high-quality alloy steel after heat treatment, with hardness above 60HRC and good wear resistance.
4. Equipped with 500mm long Vernier caliper, the desired size can be cut accurately and conveniently.

5、Manual Bender

1. This machine is suitable for machining die-cutting blades up to 23.8mm, mainly for the production of irregular graphics.
2. The forming mold made of high-quality die steel is an integral mold, which is not easy to deform, the machining blade has no bottom surface and the forming quality is good.
3. A set of positive and negative sets can be used together to meet the forming needs of all kinds of small angles.

6、Grinding machine

The first choice of cutting equipment for the production of high-requirement tool die solves the situation of the inverted edge of the traditional knife head cutting blade, which makes the cutting surface straight and smooth through the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel, and the cutting edge of the section maintains a better centrality. It is more suitable for products with high interface requirements, in addition, for some high knives and thick knives, the traditional cutter is difficult to achieve cutting, and it is easier and more convenient to use this machine.

7、Rule puller

This machine is suitable for the pullout adjustment of the cutter line in the process of making the knife template and the pullout and replacement of the cutter line of the old die:

1. The knife puller is a manual operation tool, through the use of the knife puller, the die cutter / steel wire on the knife plate can be pulled out vertically.
2. Use the knife puller to replace the die cutter / steel wire, so as to ensure that the gap of the board will not be widened during knife drawing so that it can not be recycled.
3. Using the knife puller can improve the work efficiency. When drawing the knife, the palm of the hand is far away from the die cutter, which can effectively reduce the industrial injury.

4. The eight drawing feet can be flexibly removed to adapt to different knife templates.

8、 4 in 1 Precision Label Die Manual Steel Rule Blade Bending Machine With Bending Bridge Lipping Cutting

1. This machine is suitable for machining self-adhesive die cutters less than 12mm. It has four functions: machete, cutter, bridge position and olecranon.
2. The clamping part of the die adopts dovetail design, the locking effect is good, and the machete die will not swing when the machete is used to ensure the accuracy of the machete.
3. The forming surface of the cutter is a whole, and the surface is precisely ground and treated with chromium plating, which can effectively prevent the blade from scratching when the blade is bent downward.
4. The part of the machete uses the precision watch card to make the precision positioning to ensure the accuracy of the machete.
5. The bending tool die made of high quality die steel is well made, and the machining surface of the die has been precisely ground, and the bending knife has no bottom surface.
6. The cutter die is made according to the angle of the die cutter, which ensures that the beak cut is straight and does not bend, and the effect of receiving the knife is good.

9、Nicking machine

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